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Holl Berri.

Magazine " Esquire " has recognized Holl Berri as the most sexual woman of year. The forty-year actress recently became mum, but even it has not deprived with its appeal.
Holl submits an Olympus not only actor's skill, but also motherhood. Not looking on recent rody it is considered the most sexual woman. Holl Berri's forms were noticeably approximated, but it has made its more attractive. The actress considers, that now it has more than admirers among a man's half of population, than up to pregnancy.

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Brendon Fraser again battles to a mummy
Novelty of adventure cinema film « the Mummy: the Tomb of Emperor Drakonov » will appear on the Russian screens on July, 31st 2008. It is a sequel of the well-known film "Mummy" which actions are this time developed in Asia. On a plot of film Brendon Fraser in a role of researcher Rika About Konnela comes back to battle to the risen Emperor (Whether Dzhet) in ancient Chinese catacombs and the cold Himalayas. Its son will help with travel Riku – Alex (a rising star Hatch Ford), wife Evelin (Maria Bello) and its brother - Dzhonatan (John Hanna). This time About Konnely should stop a mummy which, having woken up from a 2000-years damnation, is going to enslave the world.
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Hellboj II: Gold army
Hellboj II: Gold army new film from Guillermo del Toro. The first part undoubtedly has made good impressions on the spectator. Remarkable and fresh zadumka it was very easily acquired by the spectator. At the budget nearby $50 million, the first part of a picture has collected from above $100 million Though on the one hand in the first film Hellboja class characters and excellent special effects, but about other plot any inexpressive. Last 5 years Guillermo del Toro not only removed remarkable cinema, for example ' the Labyrinth of the Faun ', but also has thought over continuation of adventures of the favourite hero.
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New comedy with inimitable Dzhekom Blekom
Work above sikvelom a popular American comedy « School of fate "(" School of Rock 2: America Rocks) in the heat.
It is remarkable, that a leaging role in a picture will play irreplaceable Dzhek Blek (Jack Black). Its hero razdolbaj Dewey Finn (Blek), fate-star dreaming of glory and teaching elements of a rock-and-roll to schoolboys, sends with children to a trip in is musical-historical places to acquaint wards with roots of a blues, a rap, kantri and other styles. Up to the end of this summer Bleka also it will be possible to see in comedy Bena Stillera (Ben Stiller) « Tropical grom/Soldiers of failure » (« Tropic Thunder »).
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New part betmeniady
The summer of 2008 in world hire leaves the second part prikvelov to betmaniane Tima Burton under Chris Nolana's script, begun by a picture « Betman: the Beginning ». In the second film which « the Dark knight » refers to, the ideology « seryoznogo komiksa » will receive the development in an image of the Joker, which Hit Ledzher (Heath Ledger), other participants of the project has played: obligatory Christian Bejl (Christian Bale) in a role Most and Michael Kejn (Michael Caine) in a role dvoretskogo.
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Leaders of hire in the USA for uikend 11.07-13.07.08:
1. " Hellboj 2: Gold army " - $35,885,000
2. "Hancock" - $33,000,000
3. " Travel to the Center of the Earth in 3D " - $20,580,000
4. " óá½½ / Valli " - $18,509,000
5. "Is especially dangerous" - $11,586,000
6. " Naprjagi crinkles " - $7,105,000
7. " Get acquainted: Dejv " - $5,300,000
8. " kung-фу the Panda " - $4,300,000
9. " Whale Kittredzh: the Riddle of " the American girl » " - $2,357,000
10. " Indiana Johns and kingdom of a crystal skull / Indiana Johns 4 " - $2,250,000
Dodaі:  admin July 17 2008 2:15:55 AM For a press
Andzhelina Dzholi has given birth dvojnju
In July, 12th in the well-known French city of Nice 33-years Hollywood movie star Andzhelina Dzholi has given birth dvojnju — to the girl and the boy.
According to treating doctor Andzheliny, twins by name Noks Leon (Knox Leon) and (Vivienne Marcheline) feel Vivien Marchelina well. The weight of the girl and the boy makes 2280 gram and 2270 gram accordingly. To an actress it has been made kesarevo section. Brad Pitt - the father of twins - was present on sorts.
Dodaі:  admin July 16 2008 7:30:20 AM         Further... 112 PerusalsFor a press
Strike of actors of California will lead to an economic crisis
California predict an economic crisis because of strike which the Hollywood actors can organize. In case of unsuccessful negotiations between Guild of actors and Association of producers of cinema and TV in occasion of the prolongation of the contract of movie stars expiring already on June, 30th, actors can declare strike.
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Today the film festival "Kinotavr" opens
Today in Sochi the film festival "Kinotavr" .stalo opens is known, that at opening ceremony of the Russian festival to director Alexey Herman will hand over the special award " For an outstanding art contribution to development of the Russian cinema art ". And on closing, on June, 15th, the spetspriz Armen Medvedev will receive: " For an outstanding contribution to development of the Russian motion picture arts and a film-science ".
Dodaі:  admin June 07 2008 4:17:02 AM         Further... 116 PerusalsFor a press
Djablo Koudi has written the script on Spielberg's idea
Obladatelnitsa Oscar Djablo Koudi has written the script to the pilot of a new serial who carries the name " the Incorporated Staffs of Container ". The idea for new teleshow was thrown to it by Stephen Spielberg. As the Executive producer acts Alex Junge (" the Western wing "). And to a title role it is appointed by Toni Kollett (" Small Ms. Happiness ").
Dodaі:  admin June 07 2008 2:46:06 AM         Further... 129 PerusalsFor a press
A.Bakov secretly married on Mihalkovoj
The daughter of the well-known Russian director and actor Nikita Mikhalkov, Anna Mikhalkov, one of these days in second time has married. After the divorce the girl has twirled the novel with young director Alexander Shejnom, business is has practically reached wedding. But when the couple has already declared the forthcoming wedding, former husband Anna Albert Bakov has decided to win heart of the girl again.
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